Heaps of Educational Material

Environmental education is very important and widely acknowledged, improving the public's understanding of nature, raising awareness for urgent issues, increasing environmental competency, leading to personal actions. Yet many issues such as habitat destruction, pollution or overfishing happen far away from them and the daily contributions to the negative impacts are mostly not obvious or understood.

Respectful, informed and educative direct encounters with wildlife and on-site experiences are certainly the best way to create that connection with nature. But such encounters are often not feasible or affordable with distant living wildlifeThe 1:1 Animals fill this gap and are ideal tools to support experiential learning by creating encounters within people's living space and children's classrooms.

Many species such as whales, elephants, tigers and eagles are charismatic easily creating an emotional connection. The 1:1 Animals offer encounters not only direct encounters with well-loved species such as whales, elephants and tigers but also with less charismatic and little known ones. Hanging in the classroom offers an amazing possibility to create long-lasting memories, to raise respect and to increase awareness.

1:1 Animals in a Box (Overview)

The custom-made educational boxes on various topics contain 1:1 animals, lots of hands-on materials and unique interactive games for schools and public outreach. They are long-lasting and easy to transport or even mail.

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