Life-sized Animals

for Sale or for Rent Worldwide

For schools and kindergartens. For environmental educators in nature, in zoos and museums. For theaters und playgroundsFor nature loving bankers and clerks. For animal lovers. For environmental NGOs and manifestations. For kid's rooms and birthday parties. Or simply, because they are so impressive and beautiful.

1:1 Animals in a Box

I also offer  custom-made teacher's boxes (Animals in a Box) with 1:1 animals, hands-on material and unique interactive games as well as educational presentations (School Visits) for schools and the public.

To date boxes on the topics presented below exist and are used in Swiss schools. The Low Isles Preservation Society (LIPS) and Great Barrier Reef Legacy got the first international 1:1 Animals in a Box on the Coral Reef and its inhabitants.

On request I can make an english version on any of these topics.