Walking and Flying Birds

The 18'000 bird species thought to exist today, a number which just recently increased from 10'000, belong to the Class Aves. Birds belong to the Class Aves and have the following, among other, characteristics in common: They are vertebrates carrying a back bone, use feathers for insulation, are warm-blooded, use wings mostly for locomotion and are egg-laying.


There are an estimated 10'000 species worldwide. However, a recent study by Barrowclough based on morphological and genetic differences suggest this numbers has to be almost doubled, reaching about 18'000 species!

Landbirds (Overview)

Bearded vulture


Golden eagle

White stork

Seabirds (Overview)

Arctic tern

Wandering albatross

Atlantic puffin

Brünnich's guillemot

Penguins (Overview)

Adelie penguin

Gentoo penguin

Macaroni penguin

Chinstrap penguin

King penguin

Magellanic penguin

Emperor penguin

Little penguin