The Diversity of Marine Mammals

While whales, dolphins and manatees have fully adapted to live in the water, seals and sea otters still come on land or ice to rest, to mate and to raise their offsprings while polar bears are strongly connected to live from marine food resources. 


There are about 15 baleen and 70 toothed whale species while pinnipeds are divided into 19 species.

Grey whale

Humpback whale

Minke whale


Common dolphin

Harbour porpoise


Pilot whale

Risso's dolphin


Bottlenose dolphin

Dusky dolphin

Hector's dolphin


N right whale dolphin

Rough-toothed dolphin

White-sided dolphin

Commerson's dolphin

Finless porpoise

Hourglass dolphin

Peale's dolphin

S right whale dolphin

Sperm whale, juvenile


Leopard seal

Harbour seal

Polar bear

Harp seal

Ringed seal