Die Vielfalt der Meerestiere

Scientists estimated that about 8.7 Million species inhabit the planet earth and 1-2 million are animals. 86% of those living on land and 91% living in the oceans have not been described yet! Marine life includes plants, animals and other organism that life in the salt water of the sea or ocean, or the brackish water of coastal estuaries. 2.2 Million belong to marine animals. Only 230'000 of which are documented today. 12% of which are fishes, 25% crustaceans and the largest part of the remaining organisms are microbes such as bacterias, algae and fungi.

Fishes (Übersicht)

Antarctic toothfish

European bass

Spanish mackerel


Clown triggerfish

Herring, Atlantic


Tuna, Yellowfin

Cod, Atlantic

Coral grooper

Salmon, Atlantic

Tuna, Atlantic bluefin.

Sharks & Rays (Übersicht)

Blacktip reef shark

Blue shark

Ribbontail ray

Great white shark

Greeland shark

Manta ray

Others (Übersicht)

Big blue octopus

Sydney octopus

Green sea turtle