Sharing my Fascination

Ursula Tscherter

Project Leader                                                    

Marine Biologist MRes Marine Mammals (University of St Andrews)                    Master Teacher for Art and Craft                                                    

Diploma Adult educator

Diploma Environmental educator


Works / worked as:

Expedition guide, lecturer, zodiac driver

Environmental educator                                     

Whale researcher

Born in 1963 I grew up in northern Switzerland and spent a lot of time in the

outdoors. I climbed trees and cliffs, discovered caves and collected herbes

and berries to cook various witches' soups over the fire. In the Seventies the increasing discussions about environmental pollution and the growing threats to flora and fauna shaped my view of life, the planet and its future. 

Frequent reports on the bloody whaling at that time and my visit to a life-sized blue whale touring through Europe, created and shaped my most important childhood dream: To meet free-living whales and dolphins. 
In 1993 this dream came true and changed my life fundamentally. For the next 20 years I studied the fascinating lives of minke whales in Canada. A fascination I shared with my mentor and partner Ned Lynas. 

To share my enthusiasm and my unique experiences in Switzerland, where no sea and whales exist, I started to create life-sized mock-ups and developed educative games to make the lives of whales apprehensible to children and adults. Many years later I started to also create non-whale species such as fishes and sharks, elephants and zebras, insects and dinosaurs. All presented here.

With my work I like to fascinate and inspire children, teenagers and adults for the beauty of nature and to generate thrilling and fascinating insights into the lives of animals and plants. Always in the hope to spark an inner fire for the planet Earth and to raise awareness for its conservation and sustainability leading to personal and long-lasting environmental actions